One of the Joys of Midatlantic Living, Especially for Students

I woke up this morning to about 1/4 inch of ice and a few inches of snow covering everything, which of course meant that the city is mostly shut down today. As expected, school is cancelled, too!! One of the things I've always loved about living in Midatlantic region of the US is that people aren't used to bad weather. At the mere suggestion of snow, grocery stores sell out of bread and milk and schools can't delay or cancel classes fast enough.

Not Really that Bad

Bailey Loved Running in the Snow During This Morning's Walk

I'm off in boots and a hat now to have lunch and Margaritas at Lauriol Plaza. Hope every one is having a great day at work.


Alowhat? The Beginning of the End

About a month ago I noticed a small circular area on my right cheek in which there was no longer any hair. It was most peculiar, especially beause it just appeared there from nowhere, seemingly overnight, and the skin below it was as smooth as before I started shaving.

I took my problem into the finest in medical care, the Georgetown University Health Clinic. They think it might be a fungus, so I've been applying an antifungal topical cream for the past five weeks. The doctor says if that doesn't work it means that I simply have a case of alopecia areata, which is hair loss confined to particular area. The Internet says the hair will probably grow back soon, and if it doesn't they'll try injecting steroids into my skin, but I'm not holding my breath. I now suffer from delusions of hair loss, thinking I see new bald spots appearing daily.